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Reminisce about Berwyn / Re: Kids That Grew Up Together
« Last post by moose on January 05, 2017, 07:49:27 AM »
I lived on the south side of Berwyn, closer to Ogden. We had a lot of kids on our block and surrounding blocks, played kickball on the corner or in the alley, we new everyone's name on the block. I still see a couple of them, and have found a few more on Facebook. We spent plenty of summers at the pool at 31st and East, we could walk there. My mom would send me there with 25 cents, .10 for the locker, and .15 for a snack afterwards.

Since Ogden was in close proximity, I remember Winkies on the corner of Ogden and Ridgeland, next to the Convenient Store. There was a Texaco gas station on Ogden and Gunderson, then it was a Pepe's, and now the laundromat. I remember Golden Rexall Drug store. The old White Castle, and then building the new one in the parking lot while the old one stayed open. Sitting outside the McDonalds eating cheese burgers. The Big Boy drive in, then restaurant, that ended up burning down, my parents always thought that was suspicious. I used to go to Vern's when I was old enough to own a car, and smart enough to fix it on my own.

Then the was Uptown, going to Schoen McAllisters to buy Cub/Boy Scout supplies. Going to the toy section at Raikes, the Blue Fountain restaurant for cream of chicken soup. And the hobby store to buy American Flyer train stuff.

Sheesh, I'm old!
Reminisce about Berwyn / Re: Kids That Grew Up Together
« Last post by berwyn senator on January 04, 2017, 04:45:39 PM »
Many of the kids we played ball with had younger brothers and sisters who would come to Lincoln School.Most of us were all from North Berwyn,we played in the alleys, rode bikes together and played tag.
Reminisce about Berwyn / Re: Kids That Grew Up Together
« Last post by berwyn senator on January 04, 2017, 04:38:17 PM »
Funny thing mentioning Victor Gasket, my grandmother worked  there for many years, she used to car pool with a group of women from Lyons. Haven't been to a Hobby parade in years'used to be all Czcek not any more, which I find is a bunch of bowlshit. But the Czechs moved out so what can we expect.Berwyn is just fine, people are people, I have been here for years so far everything is good.Where can a person move and not find something wrong? Veseckys Bakery is still in business, at times the bakery can be old, my neighbor owned Jim's Meat Market across from Freddie's on 16th.Street used to make good hotdogs for Veseckys.Next time in town try Old Fashioned Candies on Cermak road north side west of Lomdard.Do not waste your time going to any of the Czech restaurants in the area all are bad!
Reminisce about Berwyn / Re: Kids That Grew Up Together
« Last post by moose on January 04, 2017, 08:26:20 AM »
I think my mom may have worked at Victor Gasket, but not until the 70's, that name sound familiar. Like I said, I grew up in Berwyn in the 60-70's, graduated from Morton East.

Got married, moved to the western suburbs, got divorced, moved back to Berwyn, sold the family house and moved further out into the western suburbs.

I still go to the Larry Dominick, I mean houby parade! Stop at the bakery to get some hotdogs in a bun.

It's not the same Berwyn I grew up in!
General Discussion / Re: Cermack Rd.
« Last post by berwyn senator on January 03, 2017, 08:42:23 PM »
When we were older going to Cermak Rd. just to spend time going in the stores to see what was new.Sport shops, hobby shops, dime store with the wooden floors,Pet shop etc. Today there is nothing of interest anymore, all are gone, just a bunch of nothing businesses.One by one the ma and pa stores closed nothing replaced them.I can remember working for Gabriel Sales on Cermak in Cicero during the summer.A neat auto parts store with a repair shop in the rear during my break I would go back and talk fishing to the owners brother.Didn't matter too much time spent in the back so end of the year I was gone.Gone fishing for two weeks then back to school! On the way home from Morton East we would sometimes stop at the Economy Restaurant on Corner of Harvey and Cermak.Large coke and fries were the order of the day spending time just hanging out with other kids.
Reminisce about Berwyn / Re: Kids That Grew Up Together
« Last post by berwynson on January 03, 2017, 05:41:39 PM »
A relative youngster, compared to Senator and I! The '60s were a great time for us in Berwyn. I finished a 2-year degree at DeVry Tech up on Belmont Ave., worked for Motorola in Forest Park for three days, and quit, having spent drudgery-like shifts moving slowly sideways adjusting the color electron guns in T-V sets on a conveyor belt, summer, 1963.

Victor Mfg. & Gasket Co. on Roosevelt Rd. hired me as a Development Technician on Sept. 23, 1963. Best job I have ever had. Quit
in '72, moved to desert southwest, finished college, wound up divorced, took a job in Colorado, then returned to Victor as Facilities Engineer at the Oil Seal Plant in Indiana. There I met a little lady in '78, we married, took a good position in Phoenix, AZ. We are together today, still, almost 40 years later.

I've missed Berwyn, because it represents my youth. Born & raised there, lived there for my first 30 years.

Reminisce about Berwyn / Re: Kids That Grew Up Together
« Last post by berwyn senator on January 03, 2017, 12:53:00 PM »
We would play softball at Lincoln School during the 60's,all went to Morton East a few went to West.The 70's we were all married, by the eighties some divorced, some deceased, some remained others moved out.I have been in berwyn almost seventy years with no plans on moving, love those bungalows!! have a Yellow Octagon Bungalow second home all refurbished great neighbors.As much as I bitch I love the area and all the bull shit.Where can one find anything better?
Reminisce about Berwyn / Re: Kids That Grew Up Together
« Last post by moose on January 03, 2017, 07:46:40 AM »
I grew up in Berwyn, but not till the 60's-70's!
Reminisce about Berwyn / Re: Christmas When We Grew Up
« Last post by berwyn senator on December 31, 2016, 11:59:30 AM »
After Christmas,decorations all gone, back to school, but we always had our dreams and thoughts.When it snowed building snow men and snow forts were the norm for snow ball fights.If we got snow all over a neighbors side walk out the women would come yelling, ok we shoveled her walk.Do you think kids would do that today? We feared the neighbor would tell our parents. When inside we would play games Clue,Monopoly, or work on our trains, better yet we would build plastic models,Revell Kits. Notice very little time would be spent watching TV!! Ad homework, and our time was full of things to do,I think our imaginations helped ad to our creativity.We did things our way and learned by our mistakes.We learned how to fix our own roller skaters, new wheels purchased from Koubeks Hardware.Built scooters from apple crates and two by fours, don't forget old roller-skate wheels.Then spring came time for baseball!!!!!!!
Reminisce about Berwyn / Re: Everything lately
« Last post by berwyn senator on December 31, 2016, 11:13:26 AM »
Remember when Berwyn Lumber was in business? I have many pictures of the fire.They helped with what ever you needed no questions. Koubek Hardware another place always helped, try that today? They helped figure out your problemsnd a fix.
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