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Regarding Private Messages & Email Notification...
« on: May 15, 2005, 11:38:04 PM »
Quote from: hvychev
Jim I am curious about something. I have gottem a couple PM's from this site. They also get sent to my e-mail addy via this site. If you respond to the e-mail and not the they actual PM part of this site will the message still get sent or do you have to just respond to the actual PM section on this site?

Could you make a formal post about this on the board?

The PMs being forwarded to your provided email is an option you can turn off within your profile.  By default it's set to send to email as a notification of the PM.  If you respond to the actual email, the response goes to me as the Administrator of the site, and not the person you want it to go to.  Your best bet is to click the link from within the email, login to your account, and respond that way.  Think of the email you see regarding the PM as simply a notification of the fact that there's a PM waiting for you on the site.

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