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School Supply Giveaway Event
« on: August 10, 2017, 08:53:30 AM »
So proud of our folks here in Berwyn! We had a fantastic event last week where we gave away unused and gently used school supplies that were collected from the schools at the end of the school year in June.

This is from Julia McAleer-Forte, who came up with idea and got us all together. The event was an enormous success with hundreds of our local families able to get some school supplies. The line went around Komensky Elementary where the event took place:

School Supply Distribution video:

An amazing thing happens when you give kids the opportunity to lead. They excel. Time and time again on the night of our giveback people commented to me how impressed they were with this group of kids. Our community has an abundance of young leadership that made our School Supply Giveback Event incredibly successful.

Thanks to everyone here, and to the incredibly patient South Berwyn families that participated. Above is the distribution video, and a great thanks to the many people that helped. Look for us next year, and don't forget the Back to school picnic, where more supplies will be available.

To our future leaders, you're all AWESOME-SAUCE!!
Silas Camp
Naomi Szczeblowski
Violet Szczeblowski
Aydan Leffel
Sydney Leffel
Will Chrastka
Josh Crowe
Matt Crowe
Nate Crowe
Ryan Drenth
Evie Drenth
Liam Drenth
Ava Gelau
Maddie Reardon
Jackson Mcaleerforte
And the person with the vision, Sophie Mcaleerforte

Without the input, selflessness, drive and execution of these community members, we would not have been successful..

Thank You:
Chanda Szczeblowski Seriously. I really don't know how to thank you enough.
Mandi Frank
Lisa Harris Polderman
Julie Boleyn
Jeanine Reardon who had an immediate and swift reaction to getting people out of the rain, in order. Genius!
Tina Bailey, my friend that doesn't live in Berwyn but gave her time and effort selflessly.
Anthony Forte, who amazes me...
Kerry Mcaleerforte
Steve Szczeblowski
Karl j Paloucek (Perga)
Deanna Durica
Leticia Ventura Leffel
Denise Camp
Anne Gelau
Jessica Rodriguez
Celia De La Torres

Thank You to:
Superintendent; Mary Havis

Assistant Superintendent; Jane Bagus

All the D100 principals, especially:
Diona Iacobazzi
and as always, Carolyn Sue Walega

SO proud to call Berwyn Home.