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Re: Tony's coming to Berwyn
« Reply #20 on: May 12, 2019, 07:20:25 AM »
Here are some comments from a recent Facebook post.  There are some other posts as well.


May 1 at 4:31 PM
So I know someone posted about this before. But is Tony finer foods not meeting anyone else’s expectations??? Or am I just over reacting? This is the third time one of my kids point out a box of expired food. So not only is the produce sh*t. Mind my French. Boxed spring mixed salad was expired a few days after I purchased it. Then I bit into an expired entemans chocolate donut 🍩. Now before you say....”don’t you ever check expiration dates before u purchase?” - to answer that. I do for a few things but entemans are usually a constant delivery which I wouldn’t think would expire anytime soon. Ugh I dunno. 😣☹️ gonna have to take my business to Pete’s market or Cermak produce. How’s Mariano’s? Ok....I’m done venting. I think I got the taste of stale donut outta my mouth. 😬

Person2  The quality is inconsistent. Especially the meat. In my opinion.

Person3  I was there recently - during the month of April and was ready to purchase a full priced bottle of Kombucha- the cap said “enjoy by Feb. 22”!!!! I checked the other bottles and every single one was beyond the expiration by a month or more! I’ll give them consistency!

Person4  I go to Mariano's for the majority of my shopping. My husband picks up a couple things from Tony's. Good Luck finding a store that works for you.

Anthony Nowak (8th ward alderman)  I shop there all the time and never had an issue. But I must admit I don't buy red meat or sausage there.

Person5  Tony's sells rotting meat!! Plus their scales are shady!!! I will never go there again!!!!

Person6  Every time I’ve bought meat from them (especially chicken) it smells the next day. I’ve taken meat back several times. I don’t buy meat there anymore.

Person7  I never buy the meat from their any more.. I've gotten bad meat 4 or more times. I go for the deli because they have more variety than other places in the area and other items. I check the dates on everything and can say they do have a ton of expired …See More

Person8 My son worked there... All I know is one day he walks in the house and says "Do me a favor, dont bring home anymore deli from Tonys". He never told me why, but I'll take his word for it.

Person9  I was disappointed in the new Tonys, I was hoping it would be better, but it wasn't. Staff were very rude, didn't know the products and the smell was still there

Person10  Love Tony’s.

Person11  We had bad chicken from Jewel once - brought it back, got refunded. Had bad meat from Tony's 3x, 1x from new place. I tried them again because I heard lovely things about their new produce department (and it is lovely!). But overall, my bill was higher than I expected and got home and discovered ham was very, very bad. So I won't go back.

Person12  Every time I buy fruit from there it's spoiled. Bought a bag of apples that were mostly rotten.

Person13  Done with Tony’s

Person14  I’ve had the same issue with Tony’s since before they moved their store. I haven’t stepped foot inside the new store and don’t plan on it. Pete’s in oak park is a little pricier but the quality is amazing IMO.

Person15  Hell Tony's meats were not good 3 years ago.

Person16  We go to Mariano's and find it's cheaper but better quality. We try to only go to Tony's for the fresh baked conchas or forgotten items.

Person17  I bought two 1 gallon containers of distilled water and both were warm.

Person18  I suggested they have someone watch open food area. Last week saw 2 different people using hands to eat out of containers. I never buy these foods, but others do. I reported it to management. This was within 5 minutes, so must happen a lot.

Person19  Quality has definitely fallen. I asked for some deli ham recently and was surprised that instead of pulling it from the refrigerator it was simply laying around next to the slicer. My question is how long was it sitting there? Cut 3 days after i purcha…See More

Person20  Did people actually think Tony's was gonna get better just because it moved into a new space? The only plus is that now Berwyn gets the tax dollars. Or maybe not. Maybe Lovero cut some Trumpian deal to get them to move.

Person21  So what I want to know is, if most of the people commenting are very unhappy with Tony's and won't go back, what's with the parking lot? Is it always congested from the other stores or are there too many of those cart thingies taking all the parking spaces?

Person22  No ! You are correct it’s not that great

Person23  Tony's costs more than Pete's, rip off!

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Re: Tony's coming to Berwyn
« Reply #21 on: May 15, 2019, 12:17:36 PM »

I have shopped Tony's at both locations.  Have never purchased meat there.  Have purchased deli products, and have never encountered issues.  Never had an issue with produce, either.  Still, the best place for produce for price and quality, imo, is any Aldi. As for checking expiration dates.. buyer beware!!  And, btw, my encounters with staff have always been friendly and courteous at Tony's.