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Posting Guidelines
« on: April 17, 2005, 12:40:01 PM »

Please make sure to discuss issues, instead of personalities.  These are good guidelines for everyone and for posts in all forums on this board.

If you're going to link someone's images, it's probably a good idea to check the copyright on the image, and get permission if you need to before you use the image.

We don't mind discussion of ripping, Kaazaa, Napster, P2P, etc. Discussion is important and legally protected in America. What can get us all into trouble is illegal activity, and that includes offering or soliciting rips of commercial CDs or DVDs, or anything similar. None of us want to deal with annoying lawsuits or other legal hassles, so any posts that are illegal will be deleted, and the user will be reminded of this policy. Repeated violations will result in actions that may include banning. If you're looking for Warez, you're not going to find them here. Thank you.

Cross-posting, i.e., Spamming

Posting multiple threads about the same subject in more than one forum on the board is a form of spam, and it makes the powers that be cranky. If you're not sure where to post something, feel free to ask one of the mods/admin. You don't even have to wait to post before asking - just go ahead and make the thread (in one forum that you think "fits") and then ask... We don't want you to have to wait forever to post something. If it gets moved after the fact, no big deal.

If you do cross-post threads in multiple forums without permission, your threads might be moved, merged or deleted without notice (though we usually do write a PM explaining why we did so). If we notice that you've got a nasty habit of cross-posting - or posting in an ambiguous forum to get more attention when there's an obvious place for your thread somewhere else on the board - you may get a firm nudge or maybe a warning. If you've been particularly obnoxious about cross-posting/spamming, you might get banned from the board completely.

Private Messages:
Any member using the private messaging feature of the board to send abusive and inflammatory messages will be warned and/or banned at the moderators' discretion.

Users who don't wish to follow these guidelines may have administrative action taken on their account at the sole discretion of the board admins and moderators. These actions may include a public or private warning, a temporary restriction or "time out" from the board, an immediate banning and deletion of the account, or any combination thereof.

Everyone should also know that many of the views expressed here, do not necessarily represent the views of the moderators or admins, or the views of other posters, or our host. Comments all belong to their respective posters.
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Re: Posting Guidelines
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does the admin have a email address they answer ? now one answer admin@berwyntalk ?