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Mr. Daniel Lumis - Dragnet character
« on: August 06, 2008, 10:06:19 PM »

 I noticed that the newest member of the board is named "Mr. Daniel Lumis", who was a character on an episode of Dragnet:

a.k.a. "Mr. Daniel Lumis"
Air date: October 16, 1969
Written by Burt Prelutsky (See Burt's article about his Dragnet writing assignments, called "Just the Facts, Ma'am.")
John Hudson as Mr. Daniel Lumis
Amzie Strickland as Amanda Tucker
Virginia Vincent as Janice Lumis
Jack Sheldon as Chester Albertson
Michele Grumet as Doris Tucker
Alma Platt as Mrs. Kandell
The episode opens after Lumis, who insists on being called "Mr. Daniel Lumis," has just stolen everything from his blind grandmother-in-law's house. During the investigation Joe and Bill learn that Lumis has also forged checks, jumped bail, and married another woman. He is also engaged to be married to a third woman, with a plan to steal their joint honeymoon bank account after the wedding. Lumis displays a complete lack of remorse for his crimes.
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Re: Mr. Daniel Lumis - Dragnet character
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It was a great episode!