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New ignore modification installed to board
« on: October 10, 2005, 03:16:39 AM »
*** Disabled until all bugs are fixed ***

Installed a new mod tonight to allow you to ignore any user and his/her posts, without breaking the flow of topics. 

From the Read Me distributed with the modification:

1. Description

This mod will allow users to ignore other users. In place of the posts of the ignored users, there will be a short message displayed, letting you know that the current user is ignored by you. This doesn't breaks the flow of the topic!

2. Usage

You can Ignore/Unignore a user by clicking on the Ignore link in the "Author info" included with every single post.

You can also manage your blacklist by going in your Profile-> Ignore User options.

3. Final notes

   1. You can't ignore yourself.  (For some of us, too bad  ;D)
   2. You can ignore anyone else, including guests.
   3. If you ignore one guest you will ignore them all.
   4. In your blacklist, type  "guest" minus the quotes to ignore them.
   5. Guests can't ignore.
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